How to create the API key for Google Address Autocomplete

  1. Go to
  2. Click 'Get Started' on the top right.

  3. In the Google Maps Platform console that opens, click on the Project Selector button.

  4. You can use an existing project or if you are not sure, create a new project.

  5. If you are creating a new project, give it a name and hit the Create button.

  6. On the project page, click on the Enable APIs and Services button.

  7. In the API Library, you need to enable both the 'Places API' and the 'Maps Javascript API'.
    To do this, search for "Places" and click on  Places API in the results.

  8. Hit the Enable button on the Places API page.

  9. Similarly, search for 'Maps Javascript API' and enable it as well.

  10. Navigate to APIs & Services › Credentials by clicking on the Hamburger Menu icon on the top left.

  11. On the Credentials page, hit the + Create Credentials button and choose API key.

  12. In the popup that appears, click the Copy icon to copy the key to your clipboard and hit the Restrict Key button.

  13. Restricting your API key helps ensure no other website can use the key and avoids potential unauthorized charges to your account.
    Under Application restrictions, select the HTTP referrers (web sites) option.

  14. Then, click on the Add an Item button.

  15. In the Referrer field, enter your website domain with a wild card subdomain (an asterisk before the dot before the domain name) and a wildcard path (an asterisk after the forward-slash after the domain name's .com or .org) and hit Done. See the instructions on the right column on the page to know more.

  16. It is recommended that you restrict the enabled APIs this key can call. To do this, under the API restrictions section, select the Restrict key option and add 'Maps Javascript API' and 'Places API' to it.

  17. Finally, hit the Save button at the bottom.

  18. The API key that you copied in a previous step can now be pasted into the Google Maps Platform API key field in the plugin settings at WooCommerce › Settings › Cartimize › Google Address Autocomplete option.

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